World's first and only online FOREX course with college credit recommendation of 3 credit hours!
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The average student taking a college course is no longer the young person, fresh out of high school. Students today are of all ages and backgrounds. MTI's online FOREX college course, Investment Theory and Practice in Global Currency Markets, is designed for any student, regardless of prior experience or education.

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No prerequisite
Students of all backgrounds or levels of education can take this course. All you need is time and the desire to learn and succeed.

Income potential
From the time a student enrolls, the opportunity exists to earn income using knowledge gained from this course. This opportunity increases as the student advances through the course. Whether the student wants to supplement existing income part-time, or if a career change is in order, the tools to do just that are provided.

Support throughout the course
Throughout the duration of the course, the student has the support of the instructors and mentors of the program. Additional support is offered in structured twice-weekly sessions where you can talk to the mentors as they analyze the market in real time.

Learn a trade for life
The student who completes the course has a solid skill set, which can be used in a number of industries, including business, finance, economics, equity management, etc. Once this skill set is learned, a whole world of opportunities awaits. And you can take this skill with you into almost any profession.

First FOREX course with college credit recommendation of 3 credit hours
This course is a one-of-a-kind, and can't be found anywhere else. This uniqueness enables the student to have that extra edge of experience needed in today's competitive job market. The value of such experience on a resume can make the difference between "We'll get back to you" and "When can you start?"
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What is the Forex ?
What is Forex
The word 'FOREX' (or FX) refers to the foreign exchange market. This is the market involved in trading currencies between countries. When visiting another country, you might exchange your currency for the local currency.
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