World's first and only online FOREX course with college credit recommendation of 3 credit hours!
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Earn credit with our FOREX course
and secure a new trade -- for life!
Market Traders Institute, the world leader in FOREX education, is proud to offer for the first time the complete MTI Online FOREX Education Course - a course specifically designed and developed for the student seeking to earn college credit while learning the ins and outs of the FOREX market.

MTI is proud to offer our FOREX course, Investment Theory and Practice in Global Currency Markets. Using the newest technology in online student classrooms, the MTI FOREX Education Course -- Investment Theory and Practice in Global Currency Markets -- provides a comfortable setting, coupled with the flexibility to accommodate any student's personal schedule.

There has never been a better time to enroll in our online FOREX college course. Earn college credit while learning a trade to last a lifetime!
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What is the Forex ?
What is Forex
The word 'FOREX' (or FX) refers to the foreign exchange market. This is the market involved in trading currencies between countries. When visiting another country, you might exchange your currency for the local currency.
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